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We help Russian speaking professionals to build international careers and entrepreneurs to grow businesses. We are based in London, but cover the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, and Russia & CIS.


How we work?


We identify your goals

such as next career step, work abroad, career change, internship, first job, visa support.


Answer your career questions

about potential career paths, suitable employers/positions, visas, expected salaries, problems you face in your job search, etc.


Give you a clear plan

with next steps of how to get the job you want in the place you like and will monitor your progress.

Our Services

We offer 30-min, 60-min, and premium packages for career consultations. Our experts also write top-class English CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and Cover Letters that get our clients jobs in Berlin, Dubai, London, Moscow, Zurich, Geneva, and other European cities. We have a track record of preparing Russian speakers for the interviews in Google, Facebook, KPMG, and Qatar Airways.

Our team in London also provides outsourced HR services for SMEs and start-ups, including job design, advertising, CV-screening, and employer branding. We also optimise LinkedIn business-profiles.

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For professionals and students

JOB Board

We carefully select new and interesting jobs for Russian speakers in the UK, Ireland, and Europe.


Our clients

We are lucky! Our clients are extraordinary. We get to work with professionals and students across all sectors, and each of them have their own story. Matvei got away from the corporate rat race to do something meaningful, Anna managed to get a work permit on the last day of her student visa, Maria went through the roller-coaster of events to get the job she really loves. Ilja finally relocated for work to London, and Pavel chose to go back from Europe to Russia.

But they all have something in common: they aim high, they are ready to work hard, and they don't give up.


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Where our clients work

What our clients say about our services

Svetlana Lipai.jpeg

Svetlana lipaI

I would strongly recommend EP Advisory to anyone who is looking for a dream job! They are highly professional and competent, friendly and use individual approach. They will help you believe in yourself, give plenty of very practical recommendations on your CV, job search process, interviews etc. They are truly amazing!

Anastasia Trifonova1.jpeg

Anastasia Trifonova

Thanks to the EP Advisory team for helping me to believe in myself and for making me to look at my experience differently. I did not expect my LinkedIn profile to start working immediately after I updated it, according to the recommendations. Thank you very much for the fact that, starting from my free consultation to the very last one about the visa, I received great support in addition to professional advice! I will definitely recommend the services to all my friends who want to find a job in England and Europe!

Igor Shaffmeister.jpeg

Igor Sharfmesser

Elmira closely explored my work experience and career expectations. She helped to enrich my CV with the activities I performed that are essential for the positions I was applying for, but which were not reflected in it. I also got some practical tips on how to properly use and adapt the prepared resume when looking for a job. Thanks to Elmira now my CV reflects my managerial experience that was completely missed out. It was pleasure to work with her.

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