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CAREERS for Russian speakers


We help Russian speaking professionals build outstanding careers or grow their very own businesses in the UK and Europe.


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We are McKinsey for ambitious individuals.

We help you achieve professional goals in the most efficient way. We operate in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and CIS. Wait, what is career consulting? Click here to learn more.


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We carefully select new and interesting jobs for Russian speakers in the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Also, follow us on Telegram for daily job alerts.



Our clients are extraordinary. Matvei left corporate rat race to do something meaningful. Anna got a work permit on the last day of her student visa. Maria went through a roller-coaster of events to get a job she really loves. Ilja relocated to London, and Pavel chose to go back from Europe to Russia.

They all have something in common: they aim high, they are ready to work hard, and they don’t give up. Read more stories and their feedback on Google or Facebook:


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