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Webinar 06.09.2019 (Friday)

How to get into Investment Banking in London


Want to work in investment banking?

Browsing graduate schemes at London’s biggest banks?

A question which needs a real answer: what do graduates actually do at investment banks? Learn more about what’s involved in investment banking with Andre Atallah, our senior consultant for corporate careers who specialising in helping young professionals and graduates prepare for the toughest interviews and tests. Join this free webinar to find out what it is really like to work in the city of London and how to succeed in investment banking.

Learn about the difference between investment banking, hedge funds, private equity and other types of banking, and why investment banking is probably the best (but might also be one of the worst) graduate schemes. Make the most of it by asking your questions at the end, and don’t miss this chance to get a better understanding of the reality of investment banking!



6 September 2019

What time?

7pm UK time

How long?

1.5 hours
Webinar + Q&A

who is this webinar for?

  • Students who want to know more about and explore investment banking

  • Graduates who are not sure what working in investment banking involves

  • Graduates who want to understand the long term impact of working in investment banking

  • Anyone who would like to learn more about investment banking and working in London


What you will learn:


1. Why investment banking is such an attractive job for graduates?

2. What graduates might not know about the reality of investment banking?

3. How hard it is to get in? What stages of recruitment do you need to get ready for?

4. What are the long-term prospects of the industry? (Spoiler: it’s almost impossible to forge a long-term career in investment banking)


Who’s the host?


Andre Atallah


CV Writing (Executive, Professional & Junior) | Corporate Application Form Writing | Cover Letter Writing | Verbal / Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests

Keen golfer, Russian language enthusiast and native English speaker.

Andre supports EP Advisory clients looking to find a way into some of the toughest corporate positions and fields in London and abroad (Big4, Banking, Hedge Funds, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Financial Markets and Legal), including specialist preparation at all stages of the recruitment process, expert awareness on how to tailor your applications to the desired field, and dealing with the unexpected.



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