UK Student and Graduate Career Advice

UK Student and Graduate Career Advice

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For Russian speaking students and graduates of UK universities

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Student and Graduate Career Advice

Are you looking for your first job in London? Or maybe just trying to understand which industry, job or company will be better suited for the skills you have, your background and future career goals?

In addition to job search related talks, lectures and events that we hold for Russian speaking students at the UK-based universities, we also offer individual packages to students and graduates seeking to secure summer internships or graduate full-time employment. While enabling graduates to maximise their own network and use of LinkedIn to find employment, we also open our own network of employers when relevant.

EP Advisory are proud to be the graduate career advisory firm of choice of Russian speaking students from Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Queen Marry, Cass, Westminster and Royal Holloway universities.

The consultations can include some or all of the following topics:

  • Assessing your skills, SWOT analysis
  • Understanding your true future career inspirations
  • Creating the pool of potentially suitable roles/career paths based on your strengths and career goals
  • Understanding UK/EU graduate employment specifics
  • Tier 2, Tier 5, Graduate Entrepreneur visa options advice
  • Identifying potential employers (industries, geography, size of the company, etc)
  • Creating an effective job search strategy
  • Understanding the importance of networking
  • Pre- and post-application communication etiquette in the UK
  • Job-offer stage advice, including employment contract terms negotiations

We offer 1-, 3- or 5-hour packages. Each package is always tailor-made to suit the individual needs of the client. Please fill in the contact form and one of our consultants will get back in touch to create a package for you. The price for 1-hour consultation is £110. When you book 5-hour package, the fee is reduced to £100 per hour.

Graduate-Pro Package £2750

For recent graduates currently living inside or outside the UK and wishing to get ongoing support throughout the job search process. When buying this package you will get:

  • SWOT analysis of your skills with suggestions of potential career paths in the UK
  • Brand-new completely re-written and re-structured CV in English that is in line with the UK recruitment industry standards and includes the keywords (searchable by the recruiters and employers) related to your professional field
  • Optimised LinkedIn profile
  • Training on LinkedIn communication etiquette and how to use LinkedIn in order to identify key industry contacts
  • Template for a winning cover letter that will underline your skills and experience and increase your chances of being noticed by employers and recruitment agencies in the UK
  • 1 email draft and 1 template for LinkedIn message to use when applying for jobs or approaching potential employers
  • List of 35 potential employers to approach that match your job search criteria and/or links to 5 open vacancies suitable for you
  • Personal recommendations on the most effective job search strategy, including jobsites, LinkedIn groups, recruitment agencies, networking events and referrals relevant to your professional field
  • Assistance with filling in the application forms
  • Answers to any job search related questions 24/7
  • 2-hour Advanced UK Interview Training
  • Advice on the most appropriate work visa options
  • Post-application support in regards to NI, job offer review and employment contract negotiations
  • Guidance through the visa application process (although we are not lawyers!) if necessary

Other Services

Interested in optimising your CV or Linkedin profile? Preparing for an interview in London and need help? Then those services could be helpful!

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