Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Advice

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Advice

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For Russian speaking students and graduates aspiring to successfully obtain Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa in the UK

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Student and Graduate Entrepreneur Advice: Kick Start Your Entrepreneurial Career in London

Are you finishing a university soon? Are you looking for an opportunity to stay in the UK to build your own business? We are are proud to be the Graduate Entrepreneur advisory provider of choice of Russian speaking students from UCL, LSE, University of St Andrews and other leading institutions in the UK.

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Graduate Entrepreneur Q&A


  • Skype Q&A session (30 min.):
    + Answers to 3-5 of your questions* about your plans for Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur route in the UK

Graduate Entrepreneur Basic


  • Skype or in person consultation (90 min.):
    + Answers to 5-7 of your questions* about your future business plans and entrepreneurial environment in the UK
    + Tier 1 GE option for Tier 4 holders Q&A
    + Assessment of your business idea and your business plan
    + Advice on how to pass Tier 1 GE university selection & endorsement process, including common questions asked

  • Follow-up Skype consultation (15 min.) on Tier 1 GE university selection & endorsement process OR an opportunity to ask follow-up questions by email/WhatsApp related to the business development/business plan improvement within 2 weeks from consultation

Graduate Entrepreneur Pro*


  • Skype or in person consultation (60 min.):
    + Answers to all of your questions about your future business plans and entrepreneurial environment in the UK
    + Tier 1 GE Q&A
    + Assessment of your business idea and/or business plan

  • University endorsement process support:

    + Selection of the right UK university for the endorsement + Briefs for and debriefs on all the meetings with the university (90 min. in total)
    + Basic recommendations of how to improve your business plan by email
    + CV Clinic service to support your stage 1 endorsement application process
    + Advice on a one-pager that you will typically be required to provide to your university at Stage 1 - including helping you to answer the following questions and write up the following sections:

    • Is your project a social enterprise or commercial enterprise?

    • Please summarise your project in under 300 characters

    • Provide a brief description of your project

    • Outline the financial requirements of your project

    • Provide relevant details of all your team

    + Advice on creating a 60-second video that you will typically be expected to provide to your university at Stage 2 - including helping you to draft the script containing all the relevant information about your offering, team, traction, and ask.

    + Advice on drafting your pitch deck that you will typically be expected to submit to your university at Stage 3 - including helping you to draft relevant sections such as: problem, solution, market size, USPs, competition, financial model, traction, team, ask.

    + Full support with filling in of one Tier 1 GE endorsement application at the selected university (2-3 drafts of application, document check)

    + Skype training (60 min.) on how to answer the most common Pitch-to-Panel questions during the final stage of the endorsement process

  • List of 5 sources, including investor sites, investor search platforms and networking events relevant to your business

  • WhatsApp & email support (up to 3 hours in total) answering your follow-up questions related to the GE endorsement, communication strategy with the university or visa application within 10 weeks from the first consultation

Not sure which service to choose? Have questions on what to expect? Head on over to our Frequently Asked Questions section or schedule a free initial call with one of our consultants.


*Available for selected candidates only following a screening of an individual application. What is required to apply:

  • CV

  • Business plan, or presentation/investor deck

  • 3 paragraphs explaining 1) why you should be awarded a Tier 1 GE status, 2) why your business should be awarded a Tier 1 GE status, 3) why do you want to build you business in the UK specifically.

Send everything to Alexander Lushnikov via alexander@ep-advisory.com and he will come back to you to schedule a call or a meeting.

How it works? Glad you asked!


1. Choose a package and pay for it online.

We offer career consultations via Skype and welcome clients from all over the world. We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as Apple Pay.


2. Choose a date and time for your session.

We will send you an order confirmation by email. Simply press "Schedule Session" button and choose a time that suits you. We offer different times slots - both morning and evening, to accommodate the needs of each client. All options are London times.


3. Send us a list of questions you wish to discuss.

Once the time is confirmed, please send us a list of questions you wish to discuss. At least 24 hours prior to your session.


4. Get started with your career consultant!

Add us to your contact list in Skype at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Take advantage of our expertise and let us help you get the job you aim for!

What our clients say about EP Advisory services

Read reviews from our customers (you can find those and many more on Google or Facebook):

Svetlana L.jpeg

Svetlana - Finance

UK Career Advice Pro

I would strongly recommend EP Advisory to anyone who is looking for a dream job! They are highly professional and competent, friendly and use individual approach. They will help you believe in yourself, give plenty of very practical recommendations on your CV, job search process, interviews etc. They are truly amazing!

Olga Hough.jpeg

Olga - Accounting

UK Career Basic & Interview Training

It was a great experience to work with Elizaveta and Victoriya! They both very helpful, professional and supportive. I would highly recommend EP Advisory's services, especially for Russian speaking specialists!

Maria G.jpg

Maria - Education

UK Career Advice Basic

Elizaveta is that sort of person that is interested in bringing the best in you and to you. Not only she gives brilliant advice that works, she also supports and cheers for you during the journey and that's incredible quality for a recruiting advisor.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I would like to book an individual consultation, but I am not sure which type of service I should choose. Could you help?

Usually, we advise clients to choose the type of individual consultation based on the experience level and their geographical location. The only exception is IT & Tech specialists who have a separate service page. So if you are:

If you still need help figuring out which service is the most suitable, 
don’t worry! You can book a free initial call with one of our career consultants to help you choose the right service for your exact situation.

Q: Which sectors do you cover?

We work with Russian speaking professionals across all sectors, including finance, banking, legal, education, journalism, marketing, IT & tech, accounting, sales & business development, property & real estate, administrative, HR & recruitment, translation & interpreting, and others.

Q: Do you conduct career consulting sessions only by Skype? Can I have a face-to-face consultation?

All of our individual career consultations are conducted by Skype. Although it is not possible to have a face-to-face individual consultation, you are welcome to attend one of our offline events!

Q: How fast can I have my first consultation after the payment has been made?

Usually, your consultant will have the availability to conduct a session with you in the next 2-3 days. There are rare occasions when we are extremely busy and all the available slots for the upcoming week are already booked. In this case, the waiting time can be up to 7 days.

Q: What happens if I am late for my session? Can I reschedule the session after booking?

We have the following Cancellation or Postponement Policy: You may cancel or change the time of your scheduled career consulting session up to 24 hours prior to the session’s start time. In the event of you cancelling or postponing the agreed session less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, the session will be cancelled and no refund will be provided to you. In the event of you being late for the session for more than 20 minutes, the session will be cancelled and no refund will be provided to you.

Q: What happens after the individual consultation is over? Do we keep in touch? Can I write to my career consultant if I have any further questions?

We always keep in touch with our clients. We can reassure you that after the consultation you will have a plan with clear steps of what you should do next to achieve your career goals. In addition to that, you will also have either a follow-up Skype call or will be able to ask your consultant any job search-related questions within 2/4/8 weeks of your consultation, depending on the package you have purchased. Please refer to the individual services' page for more details. Should you have any more questions after the above period has passed, it is best to book an additional 30-min consultation.

Q: Will the CV you write be suitable for job applications only in the UK or other countries as well?

The format of our templates reflects the international standards. The CVs we write for our clients get them jobs in Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Dubai, Russia, Spain, USA, and Asia. Despite the belief that in some countries the CVs must include a photo and date of birth, it is less common nowadays. European and American employers prefer more factual resumes with a focus on the experience and soft skills rather than age or appearance of the candidate.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Profile Optimisation services: CV Clinic, LinkedIn Optimisation, and Cover Letter?

Usually, the CV Clinic service (CV & LinkedIn profile) takes 3-4 drafts or 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase. However, it largely depends on your schedule and how fast you reply to our consultant's questions and return the drafts to us. Cover Letter writing and editing takes 3-4 days.

Q: All of your consultants are Russian speakers. How do you make sure that all of the documents in English (CVs, LinkedIn profiles, Cover Letters, etc) are written well?

All of our consultants have been living in the UK for many years. Some of our career coaches have also studied at British universities. Nevertheless, to deliver the best possible service and avoid any mistakes, all of the final drafts are rigorously checked by our native English-speaking proof-readers.

Q: It's a big investment for me. What happens if I do not enjoy the service?

We are happy to report that 99% of our clients are happy with the service we provide, as evidenced by our average rating of 5 stars. Nevertheless, our customer care team is standing by and is committed to resolving any issues that come our way. Just contact admin@ep-advisory.com if you have any problems.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with my career consulting session?

Once a session is completed, we cannot issue a refund. However, we strongly recommend you express any questions, concerns or comments to your career consultant. In nearly all cases, we will be able to help you find a resolution, as long as you communicate with us.


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