CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Optimisation

CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Optimisation

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For Russian speakers who need to update their professional brand in English

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Profile Optimisation: CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn

Having immaculate and consistent English CV, or professional “passport” how we call it, is the first thing that you need to do in order to start getting the calls back and invites to the interviews. We have viewed and edited over 35,000 CVs and reviewed over 10,000 LinkedIn profiles in the past 7 years and this is what we can offer to you. 

Not sure which service to choose? Have questions on what to expect? Head on over to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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CV Analysis


  • You send us your resume by email for a full assessment.
  • We analyse your CV and send you by email our recommendations on what needs to be changed in terms of the content and format.
  • Based on our advice, you update your CV and send it back to us by email one more time for final feedback from our side sent by email.

CV Clinic


  • You send us all of the versions of your CV by email.
  • We completely re-write and format the content of your CV together with you in 3-4 drafts by highlighting your achievements and experience in the best possible light and including the keywords (searchable by the recruiters and employers) related to your professional field.
  • Our English native speaker Lucy proofreads your CV in English.
  • Based on your new CV, we send you clear instructions by email on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile.
  • This service includes working on the existing English version of the CV and doesn't imply translation of the Russian version to English. If you only have a Russian version of your CV, please get in touch with us to find out about the additional costs involved.

Cover Letter


  • You get a template for a winning cover letter that will increase your chances of being noticed by employers and recruitment agencies.
  • You find a live advert for the job of your interest, use our template to create a cover letter for it and send it to us for a review.
  • We review your cover letter, make corrections and suggestions on how to use the template, and together with you finalise the cover letter.
  • This service includes one cover letter only.



  • A Skype session (30 min.):
    + Audit of your LinkedIn profile with clear follow-up recommendations by email on how to improve it.
    + Advice on how to discover hidden job market, find referrals and build professional brand.
  • 3 different templates of LinkedIn messages to use when applying for jobs or approaching potential key professional contacts
  • Optional LinkedIn Headshot: We have partnered with Splento to provide you with photographer service at a very special rate! For only £49* per shoot at their Head Office (20 Air Street, W1B 5AN), you will get 10 digitally retouched photos to use for your LinkedIn Profile. To take advantage of this special rate, just choose "LinkedIn & Photoshoot" from the drop-down menu.

*Usual price £69. 

Profile-Pro Package £575

  • Brand-new completely rewritten and restructured CV in English.
  • Fully optimised LinkedIn profile in English.
  • Template for a winning Cover Letter.
  • Email application template (when you need to send your CV by email).
  • 3 different templates for LinkedIn messages to use when applying for jobs or approaching potential employers.
  • 5 job search platforms most suited to your profession, industry, and job search goals.
  • 10 potential employers in the UK, Germany, Switzerland or Russia/CIS that match your job search criteria.

What our clients say about EP Advisory services

Read reviews from our customers (you can find those and many more on Google or Facebook):

Maryna Gonchar.jpeg

Marina - Consulting

Cover Letter

The service was very proficient and friendly. EP Advisory helped me massively with my cover letter, so in the end I had not only a good cover letter template that was adjusted to my CV, but also a good understanding of how to write a winning cover letter that significantly speeded up my job search. I would highly recommend it to all people who are struggling with their CV/Cover letters/LinkedIn profile as it will definitely increase the chances of being noticed and hired.

Aida F.jpeg

Aida - HR


EP Advisory are great at what they do! The LinkedIn training was so informative and incredibly useful.

Igor S.jpeg

Igor - IT & tech

CV Clinic

Elmira closely explored my work experience and career expectations. She helped to enrich my CV with the activities I performed that are essential for the positions I was applying for, but which were not reflected in it. I also got some practical tips on how to properly use and adapt the prepared resume when looking for a job. Thanks to Elmira now my CV reflects my managerial experience that was completely missed out. It was pleasure to work with her.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Which sectors do you cover?

We work with Russian speaking professionals across all sectors, including finance, banking, legal, education, journalism, marketing, IT & tech, accounting, sales & business development, property & real estate, administrative, HR & recruitment, translation & interpreting, and others.

Q: Will the CV you write be suitable for job applications only in the UK or other countries as well?

The format of our templates reflects the international standards. The CVs we write for our clients get them jobs in Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Dubai, Russia, Spain, USA, and Asia. Despite the belief that in some countries the CVs must include a photo and date of birth, it is less common nowadays. European and American employers prefer more factual resumes with a focus on the experience and soft skills rather than age or appearance of the candidate.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Profile Optimisation services: CV Clinic, LinkedIn Optimisation, and Cover Letter?

It largely depends on your schedule and how fast you reply to our consultant's questions and return the drafts to us. Usually, the timeframe is the following:

  • CV Clinic service (CV & LinkedIn profile optimisation) takes 3-4 drafts or 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase.
  • Cover Letter writing and editing take 3-4 days.
  • LinkedIn service - 2-3 days.

Q: How long does it take to complete Profile-Pro package, how will our work be organised?

Profile-Pro package is a total makeover of your professional brand in English. As we optimise pretty much every single job-related document, our clients start getting job interviews almost immediately after we have completed our work. The usual timeframe for this package is 1-2 weeks*, including:

  • CV editing (2-3 drafts, 3-5 working days)
  • CV proofreading by English native speaker (1 working day)
  • LinkedIn profile optimisation (1 working day)
  • Cover Letter template (1 working day)
  • Templates of emails/LinkedIn messages (1 working day)
  • List of companies and job sources (1 working day)

As a bonus, we always ask our clients to send us one cover letter written by them based on our template for a real job they wish to apply. We want to make sure they understand how to use the template. We then review the cover letter, correct it and send it back.

*The timeframe might vary as it largely depends on your schedule and how fast you reply to our consultant's questions and return the drafts to us.

Q: I don't have an English version of my resume, will you be able to translate my CV as part of the service?

We only work on English versions of our clients' CVs. Translating the content of the CV (sometimes 2-4 pages) from one language to another requires a substantial amount of time which is not calculated in the prices of our services. If you require a translation in addition to CV editing service, please contact us prior to the payment to get a quote for the special service.

Q: All of your consultants are Russian speakers. How do you make sure that all of the documents in English (CVs, LinkedIn profiles, Cover Letters, etc) are written well?

All of our consultants have been living in the UK for many years. Some of our career coaches have also studied at British universities. Nevertheless, to deliver the best possible service and avoid any mistakes, all of the final drafts are rigorously checked by our native English-speaking proof-readers.

Q: It's a big investment for me. What happens if I do not enjoy the service?

We are happy to report that 99% of our clients are happy with the service we provide, as evidenced by our average rating of 5 stars. Nevertheless, our customer care team is standing by and is committed to resolving any issues that come our way. Just contact if you have any problems.


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