LinkedIn Ebook (in Russian)

LinkedIn Ebook (in Russian)


LinkedIn E-book - £15.00 (11 pages, in Russian)

Ebook in Russian with details on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile in English and effectively use this platform. Table of content:

What is LinkedIn?
Optimise your LinkedIn profile:

Before you start
1. Photo
2. Name and surname
3. Headline
4. Summary
5. Experience
6. Skills & Endorsements
7. Recommendations
8. Accomplishments

Messaging on the LinkedIn
Job Search on LinkedIn

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“Not on LinkedIn? You don’t exist!”

LinkedIn is a professional network that is used by more than 500 million professionals worldwide. EP Advisory’s team has spent more than 21,145 hours on LinkedIn since 2011. We know how this platform works from the inside and we are sure that a well-optimised profile will make it easier for you to establish your professional online brand, find and connect with people in your preferred industry, and search for a new role.

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