Business owner in London? Looking for a Russian speaking professional for your team?

Don’t have HR Manager who deals with recruitment yet? Not interested in paying 20-25% fee to the agencies? We can help. No, we are not recruiters. We are better!


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how we can help you


Job Design

£195 per job

Skills gap assessment, job design (finding appropriate job title, job description writing, and benchmarking of the salary for each job)



From £150 per job

Advertising on our website & across social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram), job-sites advertising strategy advice


CV Screening

£200 per hour

Advice on the selection criteria when reviewing the CVs, support through CV screening, outsourced CV screening service performed by EP Advisory team



FROm £175 per hour

Employer training on the telephone & face-to-face interview techniques, outsourced interview service conducted by EP Advisory team 

We also assist with Tier 2 Labour Market Test (CV screening and interviewing) and provide Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) employer’s application support (job description, training plan). Email us to arrange a call with one of our consultants to see which services would suit your organisation.


Premium Package £2150*

(vs £5000+ in recruitment fees)

  • Job design: we assess your personnel needs, identify the right title of the role, write a job description that will appeal to your ideal candidate, benchmark the salary range according to your industry and size of the company.

  • Advertising (our website): we advertise your job on EP Advisory's website (5k unique visitors per month), across our social media channels (20.5k followers in total), send your job in our monthly newsletter (1.5k subscribers).

  • Advertising (job sites): help you find the right job-sites and platforms to advertise your jobs on (most cost-effective, including free & paid options).

  • CV screening & 24/7 selection support: we will support you through all stages of selection, help you make the right decisions when reviewing the CVs, be available 24/7 to answer your questions about candidates, and if you prefer - we will conduct CV screening to select the most suitable candidates for the next stage.

  • Interview training: we will train you or your hiring managers on how to conduct effective interviews (phone, face-to-face) and use appropriate techniques to assess and compare candidates, we will advise you on the test/tasks to give to potential candidates.

  • Interviewing services: we will conduct phone interviews to pre-screen the candidates for you or will face-to-face interview finalists to give you an objective feedback on the job seekers and a second opinion. You choose!

* price for working on one open vacancy. If you have more than one vacancy, we will be happy to discuss the special rate for you.



Common Issues our clients face:

  • Teams consisting of friends of friends, family, referrals. Is it the best talent for your company?

  • No HR Manager in the team. Who is writing your job descriptions? Are you aware of UK regulations (for instance, it is forbidden to say "native Russian speaker" as it is a discrimination against fluent speakers)? Do you know which questions to ask candidates to understand if they are a good fit (even if they come to you "pre-selected" from the recruitment agency) ?

  • Poor organisational structure. Do you know which skills are missing and which positions should be full-time/part-time/outsourced?

  • Jack of all trades and master of none for the minimum salary. Are you trying to close 2-3 skill gaps by one person? Will he/she be able to perform all of those tasks at the required level? What will be the candidate's commitment in the long run?

  • Too simple job description, vague details of responsibilities, Will the right candidate be interested in your offer? Will he/she understand what you expect them to do? Will he/she be able to find your job advert using the keywords?

  • Not appropriate job title. Are you looking for an experienced Finance Director or an Accountant? Is your team missing a Marketing Coordinator or a Digital Account Manager? Will the candidate understand from just the title who you are trying to hire?

  • Advertising of the jobs on the wrong platforms and job-sites. Should you spend money on advertising on Will LinkedIn yield enough applications? Where will the person you are looking for search for jobs?

  • Screening is lacking a structure. What are you paying attention to in the CVs when accessing suitability of the candidate? Do you consider candidate's potential? Are you reading between the lines? Do you give your candidates tasks to complete as part of your selection process?

  • Interviews are not conducted properly. Is only one person interviewing your candidates? Are you asking the right questions and digging deep enough to save you time and money in the future for replacements? Do you identify competencies at the Job Design stage and use competency-based questions to compare the candidates?


Why us

Our team has


Email us to arrange a call with one of our consultants to see which services would suit your organisation.