Woozle Research - Telephone Researcher

Woozle Research is an independent equity research firm that provides highly specialised and custom research to institutional investors.

We are seeking several part-time people to help us do channel research – finding and interviewing buyers, suppliers, distributors, vendors and customers – across a broad spectrum of companies and industries. The most important qualities we seek in candidates are: creativity, honesty and diligence, as well as the ability to talk with people. Successful candidates should be resourceful and intelligent, and be willing to 'think outside the box.' The job is similar to detective work and/or investigative reporting.

The work is done from our office in Hackney, Central/East London; the hours are part-time and extremely flexible. We are looking for individuals willing to commit roughly 20 hours per week. Compensation is comprised of a base salary per hour plus monthly bonuses based on the number of accepted interviews submitted and their quality of your insights gathered. You will also need to review our compliance guidelines and learn our methodology, all of which is also posted on our database.

The work is telephone based. It is ideal for those interested in getting started in equity research on either the buy-side or sell-side, and is good experience for both. Channel research skills are highly marketable, and the time you spend learning on-the-job could be helpful to getting hired in the city.

The qualifications we seek are:

1) Highly analytical thinking.

2) Persistence.

3) Creative problem solving.

4) An ability to talk with people.

5) A passion for the stock market.

6) A keen interest in company analysis.

7) Good communication skills.

8) Languages (Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian)