Wayve - Senior Gameplay Engineer

We’re looking for adventurous, talented and creative people to join our journey in developing next-generation autonomous vehicles. We’re a new and growing start-up company at the forefront of research, backed by an inspiring cohort of investors. Autonomous vehicles have been over-promised, but the traditional thinking pioneered by tech giants and being pursued by many others doesn’t scale in practice.

Our vision rethinks the approach to autonomous vehicles. Our founding team are leading thinkers in the field and have published numerous impactful research papers while part of top research labs. We’re using the latest ideas from computer vision, machine learning and reinforcement learning. We believe this approach will deliver the world safe and trustworthy autonomy.

How you’ll make an impact:

  • Lead the implementation of cutting edge ideas
  • Work fast, smart, and well with other awesome team members
  • Contribute to top-tier academic publications and collaborate with researchers and roboticists

Desirable Experience

  • Industrial experience in game development or visual effects software
  • 2+ years Gameplay programming experience 
  • Ability to create high quality code using Modern C++ and Python
  • Familiarity with simulation, Game AI, graphics, visualisation and UI
  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine 4 or similar

Useful Experience 

  • Exposure to Procedural Content Generation
  • Industrial or academic experience in software, automotive, robotics and other tech 
  • Exposure to machine learning environments
  • Involvement in full stack development
  • Familiarity with agile development, CI, code-reviewing, linux, git

What we can offer

  • Competitive compensation with salary and equity
  • Immigration support to work in the UK
  • A position to shape the future of autonomy
  • Immersion in a team of world-class researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs
  • Wayve is built on people and their differences gives us strength. We are proud to be an equal opportunities workplace and encourage people from all walks of life to join our journey, growing and expanding with us. We don't just embrace diversity, we encourage it. 
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