Splento - Photographer Community Executive

RESULT STATEMENT: Find, interview and onboard new photographers worldwide; send regular communications to Splento’s photographer community.

OBJECTIVE: Grow Splento’s community of A‐Player Photographers

Key Results (KR):

KR1: Write a PlayBook for finding, onboarding and keeping loyal A‐Player photographers

KR2: Find and onboard 10 A‐Players in 200 largest cities in the US and Europe (2,000 photographers in total)

KR3: Conduct regular communication with the entire database of photographers


  • Total number of photographers on our system

  • Number of new photographers onboarded

  • Number of pages in the PlayBook

  • Number of communications sent to all photographers

  • Number of active photographers (with 1 or more jobs with us a month)



  • Develop and maintain in‐depth community knowledge

  • Develop innovative and creative ideas for growing the community

  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies


  • Keep records of photographer interactions on Bitrix

  • Lead the planning and implementation of community building project

  • Constantly monitor and report on the progress of the project to all stakeholders

  • Present reports defining project progress, problems and solutions

  • Manage incoming calls, emails and requests from photographers

  • Handle photographer complaints, provide appropriate solutions and alternatives

  • Assist directly or route photographers to the appropriate personnel for assistance

  • Conduct community surveys about the company’s service to obtain feedback

  • Maintain weekly reports of photographer inquiries and feedback to develop trends


  • All work will be quantified when possible

  • All company information to be held strictly confidential

  • All work‐related calls will be picked up within three rings and, if missed, will be returned within two hours whenever possible, and within one business day at the latest.

  • All work will be performed according to with our Core & Aspirational Values.

  • An immediate manager will be notified of any issues that cannot be resolved, or deadlines that cannot be met, within a reasonable time frame (24 hours or sooner), and before the deadline has arrived.

  • When colleagues do something right ‐ complement. When they do something wrong ‐ openly discuss with them.

  • Never, ever engage in company politics (Company Politics is when people choose their words and actions based on how they want others to react rather than based on what they really think).

Position specific:

  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications and establishing personal networks

  • Benchmark state‐of‐the‐art practices and participate in professional societies

  • Identify process improvements or new processes by remaining current on industry trends, market activities, and competitors.


We don’t know what you - the ideal candidate - look like, but we know how you feel! 

You wake up every morning and you can’t wait to go to work. You want to change the world. You are restless, but some may call you obsessive. 

There are many reasons why you want to work for Splento, but the main ones are: 

(1) You are a stay-at-home mum with an impressive corporate background, but spending quality time with your family is just as important as your career, so you chose to stay at home. You don’t want to go back to office life, but you still want to change the world and utilize your skill, knowledge, and ambitions fully. Splento is the perfect fit for your goals. 

(2) You are a student in your last year and the part-time jobs you’ve been doing in parallel with your studies have always been just a small step in your 100,000-mile journey. You are ready for your next giant leap and Splento is the perfect springboard to grind your teeth, achieve greatness and then retire at Google or Facebook HQ (with their free lunches and yoga classes). At Splento we only do free plov on Fridays and send our staff on grueling triathlon camps ;) 

(3) You are a young and successful employee working in operations with a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. Shit hits the fan on a weekly, if not daily, basis. You are super-happy at your current job and feel empowered because you are the rainmaker at your firm, be it a startup, a well-known franchise or one of the departments at a large regional corporate. 

a) But you always wanted to move to London. Just like our CEO, you strongly believe that London is the greatest city in the world. Working remotely from your home town will allow you to show Team Splento how indispensable you are to us and soon you’ll be able to call London your home, too. 

b) But you are a Nomad. You want to travel the world. As Splento expands and opens offices all over the world, you want to take part in that journey, because it perfectly aligns with your “travel the world” plans. 

c) But you believe that the visual content industry is broken. You think it's criminal to make people wait for six months (or even 6 days) to get their photos. Photos and videos should be delivered the same day and that’s why Splento is so exciting! You believe that businesses around the world deserve to know that they are overpaying for something that can be done ten times cheaper, faster and easier with Splento. You want to fix this injustice.

To apply, please press the button below and follow Splento’s recruitment procedure