Lingumi - Software Engineer

Lingumi is a fast-growing EdTech startup with a mission to make English learning fun, affordable and effective for the next billion young learners. We have offices in London and Cardiff but our (amazing) customers are from all over the world - and we're backed by some of the UK's best investors. We're a team of nine, with an open work culture that permits flexible working time, remote-friendly work, and team members with young families!

We have a strong set of values that not only focus on achieving our mission, but that also make sure everyone at Lingumi is fully supported, trusted and respected. We value independence, creativity, and honesty in our culture and work.

Our current flagship product is a mobile app for 2-6 year-olds to make their first steps into English. We provide a fun digital curriculum that covers everything from introducing nouns to building basic sentences. We also produce non-digital products to complement our digital curriculum such as books, flashcards and paper-based activities.

We're looking for a full-stack software engineer to join us at Lingumi. You will be the fourth engineer to join our small and agile team, and will have a wide-range of responsibilities depending on your experience and interests. As a team, we manage the iOS and Android apps (developed with Unity), the backend (hosted on AWS using the Serverless Framework) and a React website.

We have big ambitions for the future and we're looking for someone to help make those ambitions come true. As a small team, every member is given a large amount of responsibility and plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing ones. We're a customer-driven company, so we're not shy about making big decisions if we believe it will improve the experience for our users.

We're looking for a teammate who is as invested in making the team better as much as the product - and is excited about empowering the next billion children to begin learning English.

We are at an exciting stage in our company's life-time - and hopefully you will get to be part of, experience and help Lingumi grow from thousands of families to millions.

We are making a positive impact on children’s lives and futures: come and be part of our journey.

IT & TechEP Advisory