Hasbro - Sr Compliance Specialist FTC

Hasbro's Internal Audit Department (IAD) aims to improve the financial and operational performance of the Company worldwide by performing regular system and compliance reviews in an efficient, effective, economic and professional manner. The primary objective of internal audit is to assist corporate and operating management in the effective discharge of their responsibilities by furnishing them with objective observations, insights and recommendations related to the control environment within the organization.

The Senior Internal Auditor will be an essential member of the Internal Audit team based at the Hasbro European Services office in Stockley Park. Senior Internal Auditors are responsible for planning, performing, reporting, and following up specific audit assignments under the guidance of the Audit Manager and in line with Hasbro SA's direction.

The responsibilities of the Senior Internal Auditor must be carried out in accordance with the standards of performance of the Internal Audit department. Such assignments are performed to ensure that financial statements and reports comply with corporate policy; internal accounting controls are effective in promoting efficiency and protecting the assets of the company; and operational policies that promote the wellbeing of the company are enforced.

The types of audits carried out include:

  • Subsidiary audits (both financial and operational).

  • Functional / departmental reviews.

  • Sales cut off audits.

  • Information Technology.

  • SOX 404 Control Evaluation Assessments (approx.: 50% audit assignments, 50% SOX evaluation)

  • FCPA / Anti-Bribery Compliance reviews.

  • Licensing Audits in all applicable platforms (i.e. lifestyle, publishing, digital media and entertainment).

  • Ad-hoc projects based on the needs of the business

The European Internal Audit department consists of five people, working mainly in teams of two. This position reports to the Manager of Internal Audit, Europe. During the course of audit engagements, the Senior Internal Auditor may be required to supervise and review the work of other team members.

Audits typically involve 2 weeks on-site field work at one of the Hasbro EMEA locations, plus planning and wrap-up time at Hasbro, Stockley Park.

Travel time: approx. 20-40%

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Survey functions and activities in assigned areas to determine the nature of operations and the adequacy of the system of control to achieve established objectives.

  • Determine the direction of the proposed audit effort.

  • Plan the scope of the audit, prepare appropriate planning memorandum which outlines the background, purpose, and objective of the audit, and prepare appropriate audit programs to accomplish audit objectives.

  • Determine the auditing procedures to be used, for example statistical sampling.

  • Identify the key control points of business processes.

  • Perform fieldwork in accordance with the approved audit program in line with Hasbro SA's direction. Obtain, analyse, and evaluate evidence obtained during a review and express an informed, objective opinion on process / control adequacy and effectiveness and the efficient performance of the activities being reviewed.

  • Act as in-charge on the audit, direct and instruct other auditors assigned to the project, and review their work for sufficiency of scope and for accuracy.

  • Document, clearly and concisely, the design and operation of processes / controls being evaluated with sufficient detail to discuss and support findings.

  • Make oral or written presentations to Hasbro SA and follow up with management in line with Hasbro SA direction during and at the conclusion of the examination, discussing deficiencies and recommending corrective action to improve operations and reduce cost.

  • Prepare audit reports for issuance to Hasbro SA and management outlining purpose and scope of the audit, audit findings, their potential consequences and recommended corrective action.

  • Evaluate responses to reports to determine reasonableness and determine follow-up actions.

  • Appraise the adequacy of corrective action taken to improve deficient conditions.

  • Recommend areas to Hasbro SA for future audit efforts.

  • Participate in enhancing the status of the internal audit department.

  • Keep current with developments in the profession


  • Graduate (any discipline)

  • Fully qualified - ACA, ACCA or CIMA (or equivalent level obtained in another European country).

  • Considerable Internal or External Audit experience (preferably in a Big 4 role).

  • Fluency in English.

  • Willing to travel 20 to 40% of the year (each overseas project generally requires 1-2 weeks travel).

  • Excellent interpersonal skills. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and the confidence to present to Senior Management.

  • Strong organisational and planning skills, with the ability to meet strict deadlines.

  • Flexible and adaptable to changing priorities.

  • Evidence of collaborative working style and "can do" attitude

  • Persuasive and persistent

  • Self-starter


  • Prior SOX testing experience

  • Experience and knowledge of SAP

  • Fluency in German, French or Russian.

  • Audit experience within a manufacturing/FMCG environment