Focus Internal Ltd - Social Media and Marketing Executive

Focus Internal Ltd - very fast growing construction company in London, 2 years on the market, at the moment working on several huge refurbishment projects, have started our development in Europe (Cyprus). We are concentrating on the quick work and quality. Our company is growing really fast, it will certainly give individuals a chance to get experience and try themselves in a higher position. We are open to clever, business-minded candidates. 


  • Research and analyse social media trends and updates 
  • Promote brand through social media channels 
  • Manage all company social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) 
  • Develop engaging, creative, innovative content for regularly scheduled posts 
  • Produce creative content, including videos and blog posts 
  • Work with other departments to develop social media timelines coinciding with new product releases, ad campaigns, or other brand messages
  • Monitor and develop reports on competitor activity within social media spaces 
  • Create awareness of and develop the brand you're marketing 
  • Research advertising opportunities and place adverts in the press 
  • Work closely with creative agencies to design marketing materials such as brochures and adverts
  • Attend events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions 
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy 
  • Track marketing/social media performance and return on investment and prepare weekly reports


  • English speaking candidate, no accent 
  • Great writing and communication skills 
  • Russian language as an advantage* 
  • Creative and ambitious individual 
  • Experience in marketing and social media 

Please send us your CVs to and tell us which position you are interested in and about the best achievement/moment in your life where you showed your ambition, creativity and motivation (keep your story short).