European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Team Coordinator


EBRD’s partnerships with donors is a crucial component of the Bank’s business model and essential to promote the organisation’s transition mandate and to further transition in its Countries of Operations.  The Bank’s use of grants and donor partnerships have grown in scale and complexity over time, including support to the Bank’s investments as well as for advisory services, capacity building and policy dialogue.  Donor partnerships comprise more than 40 bilateral relationships from four continents in addition to its work with donors through its own multi-donor funds as well as with multilateral facilities belonging to the EU or global funds for climate change.  

 Consultants engaged to provide services in support of donor funded operations may be selected and managed by either the Bank or its clients. Contracting by the Bank’s clients is formalised through a type of contract known as a Grant Agreement between the Bank and its client. The Grant Agreement is an important instrument which has numerous functions including setting out the obligations of the Client which it must satisfy in order the services of the consultants could be paid out of the donor funds, gives ownership of the assignment to the Client and ensures that the Bank is safeguarded in the process.

To ascertain ownership of the results of the technical cooperation support provided, and to recover costs, the Bank has a Client Contribution policy whereby clients contribute to the cost of technical cooperation support received from donors and the EBRD. This policy has several options for how clients can contribute.

Purpose of Job

Financial resources from donors for technical cooperation and other grant or concessional instruments are crucial to help the Bank to deliver on its transition mandate. DCF works as a catalyst in raising and managing donor funds, working closely with other departments in the Bank, and ensuring that donor priorities are well understood in the Bank and that the Bank’s priorities are well understood by donors.

The Senior Officer supports the smooth running of the Grant Agreement process (making resources available to the Bank’s clients for technical cooperation) and the Client Contribution process (ensuring clients buy-in to the technical cooperation support provided by the Bank).

Accountabilities & Responsibilities

The Senior Officer shall report to the Deputy Director, DCF and:

  • Work closely with the Associate Manager, Grant Agreements, supporting the processing of Grant Agreements making donor/grants funds available to Bank’s clients; and

  • Work closely with the Associate Adviser, Results Management, supporting the Client Contribution process.

The Senior Officer shall undertake the following tasks: 

  • Specifically related to Grant Agreements, support the Associate Manager, Grant Agreements by:

  • Maintaining and updating the Grant Agreement databases on an ongoing basis to ensure that all records with regards to Grant Agreements in all related electronic systems are up to date, maintained and correct

  • Advising the teams in terms of Grant Agreement related process

  • Supporting Associate Manager in drafting Grant Agreements

  • Ensuring receipt of required supporting documentation from the teams

  • Preparing Grant Agreements for signature including checklists

  • Sending Grant Agreements to clients

  • Assisting the teams in resolving any related issues

  • Initiating actions to allow for Purchase Order completion

  • Preparing related statistics on a regular basis

  • Ensure correct archiving of documents as relevant

  • Providing cover for administrative issues related to Grant Agreements during absence of the Associate Manager, Grant Agreements

  • Performing other tasks related to Grant Agreements as requested

Specifically related to Client Contributions, support the Associate Adviser responsible for Client Contributions by:

  • Updating the Client Contributions database on an ongoing basis

  • Advising Teams in terms of process

  • Uploading documents in IT systems and support related process

  • Working closely with other departments in the Bank to process and monitor Client Contributions (including cash reflows) and related conditions after grant review

  • Preparing related statistics on a regular basis

  • Ensuring correct archiving of documents as relevant

  • Providing cover for administrative issues related to Client Contributions during absence of the Associate Advisor

  • Performing other tasks related to Client Contributions as requested

 Any other responsibilities as identified by the Deputy Director DCF.

Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications

  • Strong coordinational experience required

  • Previous experience in administration

  • Ability to manage client relationships

  • Accuracy and an eye for detail

  • Ability to work independently and to organise and prioritise workload in order to meet dynamic deadlines

  • Ability to multi-task and work efficiently under pressure

  • Strong organisational, administrative, and numerical skills

  • Knowledge and experience of systems, processes, controls and policies related to the position an advantage

  • In-depth knowledge and experience of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat. Knowledge of SAP would be an advantage.

  • Excellent written and oral English, knowledge of Russian and/or French would be an additional asset

  • Ability to handle confidential and sensitive issues

Diversity is one of the Bank’s core values which are at the heart of everything it does.  A diverse workforce with the right knowledge and skills enables connection with our clients, brings pioneering ideas, energy and innovation. The EBRD staff is characterised by its rich diversity of nationalities, cultures and opinions and we aim to sustain and build on this strength. As such, the EBRD seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities and works in an inclusive environment. The EBRD encourages all qualified candidates who are nationals of the EBRD member countries to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities.  As an inclusive employer, we promote flexible working.