European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Analyst, BIS Integrity Researcher

As part of the Bank’s integrity process and ‘first line of defence’, BIS conducts searches into the identity, reputation, and commercial and political interests of parties with whom the Bank intends to conduct business, and monitors individuals and entities representing active investments and counterparties. These checks and the watch list are an important part of the Bank’s overall reputational and financial risk management approach, and request volumes and watch list length are growing rapidly. Additionally, BIS undertakes research into various sectors, entities and markets relating to the Bank’s countries and areas of operation, and provides vendor management of external information and market data services. Key relationships are with OCCO, Client Services Group (Banking and VP3), Risk Management, OGC, Procurement and IT.

Purpose of Job

The primary focus of this role is to support the Bank’s Integrity processes by

  • conducting Integrity checks in English, and in at least one other specific language

  • providing the Integrity Ongoing Monitoring Service

  • contributing to BIS Integrity-related projects and service development

  • undertaking other research for Bank staff

  • supporting other BIS services and development as required.


  • Complete integrity check requests, primarily using external databases. Provide project Operation Leaders with accurate and reliable data to support their work and decision-making.

  • Analyse and filter search results. Present them in a clear and easily digestible format to avoid ‘information overload’. This is particularly important in relation to adverse media searches on major corporates, multinationals and high profile individuals.

  • Consider alternative spellings and naming conventions for names submitted. This is particularly important in relation to Russian and Arabic naming conventions. Revert to bankers and advise or get clarification as appropriate.

  • Investigate shareholder structures and beneficial owners in relation to entities submitted and conduct further searches as necessary.

Relevant university degree, Batchelor level or equivalent (e.g. information, international affairs, business studies).


  • Experience in a corporate information/research unit and/or in a Know Your Customer (KYC) / integrity/ due diligence role.

Technical Skills


  • Fluent English, French and Arabic

  • Enquiring and analytical mind, able to assimilate facts quickly and effectively while maintaining attention to detail

  • Information mining and retrieval skills, including use of proprietary research databases.

  • Ability to operate in complex multinational, multicultural work environment with changing priorities.

  • Ability to multi-task and remain calm under pressure. Excellent time management

  • Ability to work independently and exercise own judgement in answering requests and prioritising work effectively

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills. Good customer service ethos. Highly literate with good writing skills

  • Proficiency in use of Microsoft Office.


  • Fluency in other languages, particularly central and eastern European/central Asian

  • Knowledge of the data sources used to conduct integrity checks (currently Factiva for adverse media and World-Check for sanctions / Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS)

  • Understanding of, and interest in, emerging market economies and cultures, particularly the Bank’s regions of operation and sectors of interest

  • Familiarity with corporate ownership structures, and concepts related to financial crime screening and integrity risk