Adeta Family Group - HR Director

A consultancy company established in the UK and advising a large multinational group of companies on the management of its assets and acquisition of new projects is looking for an HR Director to ensure that all human resources operations are carried on smoothly and effectively and to drive change and transformation within the company and its clients.

A broad spectrum of responsibilities will include:

1. Organizational development:
1.1 To launch the development process of HR strategy.
1.2 To participate in optimization and formation of the company’s organizational chart.
2. Personnel selection and adaption:
2.1 To develop and introduce the system of personnel to need planning and selection. Plan personnel capacity for the upcoming 2 years;
2.2 To analyse the labour market and search for the candidates for the open positions;
2.3 To define candidate assessment methodology, forming assessment case studies, etc.;
2.4 To conduct interviews, tests, assessment of the candidate's professionalism and personal qualities.
2.5 To organize the process of new employees'introduction. Development and introduction of the adaptation system and mentorship within the probation period for the new hires;
2.6 To identify key positions and specialists to retain.
2.7 To analyse the employees’ reasons for termination, participate in the development of initiatives to strengthen the labour discipline, to decrease employees’ turnover and to control over its implementation.
3. Motivation:
3.1 In cooperation with the divisional heads, to form the payroll budget and justify its usage.
3.2 To develop and launch the employees’ motivation system, KPI policy, individual payroll system (introduce and implement personnel grading).
4. Development and training:
4.1 To develop a system of cooperation with the talent pool;
4.2 To define the training necessity, as well as the most efficient methodology and learning forms;
4.3 To form the system of knowledge transfer within the Client’s subsidiaries;
4.4 To form proposals for the initial budget for training and development.
5. Assessment:
5.1 To develop employees’ assessment and development methodology.
6. HR administration:
6.1 To develop methodology and standards(Structural Divisions Statement, guidelines and job descriptions);
6.2 To organize and manage HR administration;
6.3 To control over onboarding, transfer and contract termination with employees in accordance with the labour regulations;
6.4 To form and track vacation calendar of employees;
6.5 To form HR administration approach and control its implementation;
6.6 To create a system of recording and accounting employees’ business trips.
7. Organization culture development:
7.1 To develop internal communication guidelines, communication, corporate style;
7.2 To develop internal rules statement;
7.3 To organize and conduct cultural and sports events.

Skills / Experience required:

  • Post-graduate degree in Human Resources, Psychology or Economics;

  • Relevant HR background in a director’s role as per the previous job role;

  • Strong knowledge of modern best practices in people management (recruitment, training and development, performance management, KPIs, employee relations)

  • Proficient in MS Office, Google Suite and cloud project management (e.g. Asana, Trello)

  • Knowledge of labour regulations of European and Asian countries is preferred

  • Experience in speaking Russian is preferred

  • Good communication skills, leadership skills, result - orientation, stress-resistance


£ 70,000 – 90,000 plus additional benefits/allowances

Application deadline:

06 August - 02 September 2019

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £70,000.00 to £90,000.00 /year