WayRay - Operational Excellence Director


  1. Reporting to the CEO, building in the Company a single framework that ensures Operational Excellence achieving and maintaining and sets standards for the overall Company’s activity. The framework should combine Agile and Automotive approaches and includes:

  • Quality Management system (including workplace safety, continuous improvement (Agile), maintenance) in accordance with automotive industry standards

  • Project Management system including tools for managing projects (counting digital ones)

  • Change Management (performance management system, organization excellence, process excellence)

  1. Integrating the framework in each Company legal entity to create concerted and effective work environment.

  2. Training teams and colleagues ensuring that all employees understand and implement the single approaches in Project Management and their day-to-day operations.

  3. Ensuring that all business processes are simple, fast, repeatable and error-proof and work effectively supporting business in achieving our strategic goals.

  4. Identifying risks and bottlenecks and taking proper actions in time to eliminate it.


  1. Conduct an audit of the current state of Сompany’s operational processes and prepare the report based on the audit results.

  2. Create a Roadmap of all of the agreed upon changes to implement the framework described above. Create a structure for the team needed to implement the framework (hiring plan).

  3. Form the team that will enable the framework implementing (including existing employees + new hires).

  4. Implement the framework according to the Roadmap in order to support business in obtaining best results by achieving and maintaining Operational Excellence.


  1. Understanding of Operational Excellence principles, areas and methodologies implied.

  2. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience in building Quality Management systems in accordance with automotive industry standards. But without unnecessary bureaucracy. Understanding of the German automotive industry, in particular OEM’s requirements and VDA standards (we will need to become VDA or IATF certified)This requirement is an absolute must-have for this role.

  3. Experience working in a startup is another must-have.

  4. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience in applying flexible methodologies and product approaches in project management. Knowledge of project management approaches and modern tools.

  5. Experience working in Tier 1/2 in the automobile industry.

  6. Experience working in deep- or high-tech companies is preferred.

  7. Experience working in companies with a multicultural environment.

  8. Knowledge of the Russian language or experience working and/or living in Russia is preferred.

We offer:

  • Stable and regularly indexed wages;

  • Benefits package (medical insurance, educational opportunities paid by the company).