WayRay - Administrative Director

WayRay, the leading developer of holographic AR navigation systems for cars, is seeking talented and ambitious individuals who are eager to contribute to the creation of a product that will totally alter existing conceptions of navigation.


We are looking for an administrative director who will make the Company’s and its employees’ lives better, create a workplace that would reflect our culture, and maintain a comfortable work environment across our global offices.


1. Facility Management
2. The Company’s workspace consolidation management, coordination of renovation, decoration, and repair services at the new office spaces
3. Providing administrative support for the Company’s employees, making proposals to improve the employee experience in the workplace, assuring that our offices reflect our culture
4. Supervising the Administrative Department
5. Departmental budgeting
6. Assisting corporate event planning


7. Find a location for the Company’s new office in Moscow
8. Create a renovation and relocation roadmap based on the conditions of the facility
9. Contribute to the Zurich Workshop project to establish a manufactory in Switzerland. Choose a location and conclude an agreement, create a renovation and relocation roadmap based on the conditions of the facility.
10. Draw up requirements specifications for the facilities and interior scenes of the new offices in both Zurich and Moscow, create an implementation plan and a project budget
11. Develop and get approval for a plan of the employee experience improvement in the Moscow offices: what shall be done right now to increase the comfort level of the team before the workspace consolidation. Prepare and execute the proposal
12. Develop and get approval for a proposal for integrating all of the Company’s legal entities into a united culture, thinking about how the office infrastructure can facilitate the process
13. Propose and get approval for a new administration department org chart, make replacements if necessary, hire A-players for open positions
14. Set up a health & safety system in the Company
15. Reorganize business travel by choosing an easy-to-use online platform for booking flights and hotels independently, without using a travel agency
16. Bring the Company’s office in China under control of the Administrative Department


1. Experience working at both a startup and a large company in a similar position
2. Experience working in a multicultural environment
3. Experience in implementing workplace consolidation, relocation, and renovation projects
4. Knowledge of the Russian language, experience working and living in Russia


  • Stable and regularly indexed wages;

  • Benefits package (medical insurance, educational opportunities paid by the company).