United Nations Development Programme - Payroll Associate

The Volunteer Services Centre (VSC) is responsible for providing timely and high-quality transactional services in the identification and recruitment of international UN Volunteers, as well as in the management of the conditions of service of volunteers globally. VSC works in close collaboration with the Volunteer Advisory Services and Volunteer Solutions Sections at headquarters, as well as with Regional Offices and Field Units to ensure seamless and consolidated services in accordance with regulations and rules, pertinent policies and internal procedures.

Reporting to the Team Leader, Volunteer Services Centre, the Payroll Associate coordinates technical and functional payroll support for the processing of Atlas payroll services for UN Volunteers consistent with UNV Conditions of Service. The Payroll Associate supervises a Payroll Associate and works in close collaboration with the volunteer recruitment and management staff in the Volunteer Services Centre for resolving complex payroll-related issues and information exchange. The Payroll Associate promotes a collaborative, client-oriented approach and supports to the maintenance of high quality service delivery.
Duties and Responsibilities

Administration of payroll services

  • Ensure full compliance of Atlas payroll processes and procedures in line with UN, UNDP and UNV rules, regulations and policies, as well as effective implementation of the internal control framework;

  • Ensure timely and accurate determination and processing of entitlements for UN Volunteers;

  • Ensure accurate payroll data entries, verification and validation to reduce recoveries, advances and other exceptional payments;

  • Ensure earnings and deductions are verified and accurate before being submitted to UNDP Global Payroll Services

  • Facilitate payroll coordination with UNDP Global Payroll Services and payroll transactions performed by UNDP Global Shared Services Unit including calculation, recalculation and reconciliation of payroll and administration of retroactivity recoveries and adjustments;

  • Maintain records (amounts, currencies and schedules) and processing of recovery in Atlas for all payroll-related advances which are paid out in Atlas;

  • Support banking and disbursement services;

  • Review and approve individual payroll transactions, such as VLA advances, up to level of USD 10,000 (Manager Level 1);

  • Take timely corrective actions on erroneous data in Atlas that affects the payroll;

  • Timely follow up with relevant staff on volunteer payroll issues;

Operational support on payroll related matters

  • Ensure that UN Volunteer destination banks are correctly set up to achieve fluidity of payments;

  • Ensure full understanding of all available payment methods specifically to facilitate timely payments to UN Volunteers in countries with complex banking arrangements;

  • Follow upon on claims of Non-Receipt of payment and ensure replacement of payable entitlements for rejected/returned payments

  • Support the review and analysis of data for bank reconciliation when required;

  • Perform payroll helpdesk and end-user support function;

  • Ensure queries from UN Volunteers related to payment and/or non-payment of their entitlements through payroll are addressed;

  • Ensure timely corrective actions on technical issues by escalating to technical support.

Production of payroll reports and support to queries

  • Audit checks and balances for due diligence and financial accountability within the Financial Rules and Regulations of UNDP;

  • Monitor and take corrective action on Payroll reports which indicate unusual or questionable activity and payment;

  • Provide information to management and staff on payroll rules and regulations;

  • Synthesis of lessons learnt and best practices in UN Volunteer payroll;

  • Provide sound contributions to internal business simplification initiatives and knowledge networks.

Contribute to payroll systems development, testing and maintenance

  • Define and recommend payroll requirements for implementation in the Atlas systems to coincide with the UNV Conditions of Service;

  • Perform testing for the accuracy of the implementation and/or system enhancement;

  • Conceptualize and recommend further process improvements.

People and financial management

  • Supervise the Payroll Associate, including conducting performance assessments, and recommending capacity development activities;

  • Regularly monitor the ongoing activities in the Payroll Associate portfolio, and arrange for re-distribution of portfolios when required, to ensure efficient work distribution as well as timeliness and quality of work at all times;

  • Support the Team Leader, VSC in the annual work planning and reporting processes, in particular as it relates to the work of Payroll team;

  • Support Payroll Associate in his/her regular tasks during times of high workload.

Core Competencies


  • Ability to make new and useful ideas work


  • Ability to persuade others to follow

People Management

  • Ability to improve performance and satisfaction


  • Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform


  • Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement

Technical/Functional Competencies


  • Knowledge of payroll processes and management and ability to apply to strategic and/or practical situations

Quality Assurance

  • Ability to perform administrative and procedural activities to ensure that quality requirements and goals are fulfilled

Relationship Management

  • Ability to engage and foster strategic partnerships with other parties, inter-agency coordination and forge productive working relationships

Operational Efficiency

  • Ability to identify and execute opportunities to improve operational efficiency

Knowledge Management

  • Ability to capture, develop, share and effectively use information and knowledge


  • Secondary education with specialized certification in HR or Finance;

  • University Degree in HR, Business or Public Administration would be desirable, but it is not a requirement.


  • 7 years of experience in HR, payroll, finance or general administration is required;

  • Working knowledge of Atlas is an advantage.

Language requirement

  • Fluency in English;

  • Proficiency in another official UN language is an asset.


  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.);

  • Experience in handling of web-based management systems.