SmartMakers - IT Working Student

You have more Arduinos and Raspberry Pis in your closet than friends on Facebook?
You don’t think LPWAN is the Russian exchange student and LoRa is not a new kind of parrot? Then you’ve come to the right place:

With us, digitisation in corporations is already becoming a reality today. LPWAN technology, especially the innovative LoRa transmission technology and the latest cloud software form the basis for a customer-oriented integrated solution. But as with any new technology, there is still a lot to discover and try. And that’s why we need your support.

Let us …

  • … set up our LPWAN-LAB with our own IoT network

  • … test industrial sensors as well as smart sensors based on Arduino and Rasperry Pi

  • … configure embedded gateways

  • … explore the limits of LPWAN’s scope of services

What you will need:

  • A thirst for knowledge and the compulsion to explore all technical details

  • Experience with embedded systems and Linux

  • Programming knowledge in C, C++, Golang, Node.js

What we have to offer:

  • Flexible time management

  • A cool team in a young company

  • Above-average payment

  • Option for a permanent position