IntroPro - IT Specialist

Work within IT Department


1. Installation workplaces for new employees
2. Solving end-users issues locally and remotely.
3. Supporting local IT services (file server, print server, AD, etc)
4. IT supporting local events (teleconferences, meetings etc)
5. Business trips to other offices if necessary.
6. Work with corporate systems (servicedesk, svn, etc)
7. Prepare IT documentation
8. Communications with suppliers



1. Hardware: basic experience with end-user equipment (Laptop, PC, Monitor, Printer, IP Phone, Projector etc) Understanding of main components, Upgrade. Troubleshooting.
2. Network: basic understanding technologies and protocols : TCP\IP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP(S), FTP,SSH, Troubleshooting.
3. Other: SVN, other common end-user applications.
4. Work experience with Linux.
5. MAC: basic knowledge's, troubleshooting.
6. Experience of MS products support
7. Languages:
English: required
German: required

Nice to have

Russian: optional


  • English: Advanced/Fluent

  • German: Upper-intermediate