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Elizaveta Proselkova - Founder & CEO

Elizaveta Proselkova - Founder & CEO


"After more than 7 years in recruitment, I was tired of constantly prioritising employers' needs over those of a candidate. Recruitment is all about filling the role as quickly as possible by sending 5 top (maximum top 15) candidates that most closely match the requirements of the job. But there are many more than just top 5 candidates who have the ability, background, and skills to perform those duties listed in the job specification. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of bright, intelligent, driven, and accomplished Russian speaking professionals who for different reasons no one cares about".


We care because

This is what career consulting is all about

It is about working with the needs of professionals, not the company. Understanding what the candidate wants, where he/she is heading and how to get there in the most efficient way. Giving feedback on what is possible and what can be unrealistic or difficult to achieve. Helping to analyse the market and evaluate all of the options the candidate has (not just those advertised by the recruitment agency). Providing the candidate with technical tools, knowledge and defining a clear plan of how to get the job they want. Being there for them every step of the way starting from the first consultation to the job offer.


What makes us happy

  • Your first interview invitation after 3 months of sending applications without any response.

  • The visa in your passport that you were dreaming to get for the past 8 months.

  • Your email asking how to politely refuse two other job offers and accept THE ONE.

  • Thank you message from you in WhatsApp saying how great you feel in your new capacity after 10 years of doing what you hated.

  • The photo of you next to Big Ben after 6 months of hard work to find the job you like and relocate to the UK.

meet our consultants

Viktoria Popova


30 min Q&A | Student & Graduate Career Advice | Interview Training | LinkedIn Training | Webinars

Ex-recruiter, musician and a travel addict with international business background.

At EP Advisory Viktoriya works across all industries answering the most common career-related questions. She helps students and graduates with career orientation and job search strategy in the UK, conducts interview training and regular webinars for clients all around the world.

Elmira Maksudova


CV & LinkedIn | Relocation of IT Specialists | Global IT & Tech Job Search Strategy | Interview Training

Ex-IT recruiter, HR professional with passion for computer science, snowboarding, music, and travel.

At EP Advisory Elmira helps clients create outstanding CVs and stand-out LinkedIn profiles, formulates job search strategy for IT specialist that wish to relocate to the UK, Europe, and the USA and trains IT & tech specialists on acing the interviews in global companies, start-ups and leading IT firms.

Ksenija Gonciarova


Corporate Career Advice | Graduate Schemes | Assessment Centres | Logic & Personality Tests | Interview Training

Corporate career strategist, keen traveller, table tennis player, and a volunteer for youth charities.

Ksenia helps EP Advisory’s clients to build corporate careers, including graduate scheme applications, assessment centres at the Big4 and other large companies in the UK, logic and personality tests, and telephone & face-to-face interviews.


Andre Atallah


CV Writing (Executive, Professional & Junior) | Corporate Application Form Writing | Cover Letter Writing | Verbal / Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests

Keen golfer, Russian language enthusiast and native English speaker.

Andre supports EP Advisory clients looking to find a way into some of the toughest corporate positions and fields in London and abroad (Big4, Banking, Hedge Funds, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Financial Markets and Legal), including specialist preparation at all stages of the recruitment process, expert awareness on how to tailor your applications to the desired field, and dealing with the unexpected.

Alexander Lushnikov


Start-up Visa (ex Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur) Advice | Business Plan Writing | Entrepreneurship Skills Training | UK Networking Advice

Entrepreneur with a passion for building long-term meaningful relationships.

Alexander is passionate about empowering EP Advisory’s clients with relevant strategies, enabling them to launch and build their businesses in the UK at a young age.


Alina Veselaya

UK Start-up mentor

Start-up Visa (ex Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur) Advice | Product Strategy & UK Product Launch | UK Start-up Ecosystem

An innovation strategist with a passion for technology, trends and cultural studies.

At EP Advisory, Alina helps start-ups find their market opportunity in the digital technology sector and define their strategy in launching their innovative product.


Meet our team

Ekaterina Leonova


Experienced editor with a passion for photography, professional translator, journalist and a big fan of all things British.

Ekaterina believes that working as a Content Editor at EP Advisory is the best way to continue being connected to the UK and help more people make their career dreams a reality.

Yelena Odintsova


Graduate with a great passion for travelling, horse-riding, and Irish-dancing.

Yelena got acquainted with EP Advisory while doing a year abroad at University College London and has been its social media follower ever since. Yelena is now managing all social media marketing activities and engages in community management.

Lina Kivaka


Design concept developer, a keen photographer, and a videographer.

Lina is currently doing a master's in Digital Marketing at a university in London and says she is happy to be a part of the big EP family during her studies managing a number of special video projects.

Anna Ilyina


A marketing specialist with experience in creating sound marketing strategies and managing websites and a keen yoga and meditation practitioner.

At the moment, Anna combines two jobs - working in a boutique digital agency in Russia doing link building for international companies and supporting EP Advisory with blog and website management as well as job postings.

Lucy Swann


Strategic content writer, professional proofreader with a passion for dancing.

With many close Russian speaking friends, Lucy champions the work EP Advisory does in helping talented internationals reach their career goals and enjoy all that Europe has to offer.


Ryan Goggin


A creative copywriter, content strategist and proofreader, all while living the digital nomad lifestyle.

The EP Advisory team were first introduced to Ryan thanks to his specific experience in the HR area. Alongside his work with us, he helps companies with all forms of social media management, brand development and copywriting.