We know how difficult


As we have gone through all of it ourselves - relocation to the UK, studying at the UK university and working in a competitive environment in London.



is to broaden the understanding of Russian speaking professionals about their career options in the UK.


is to help you unleash your true career aspirations, maximise your potential, make the right career choices and feel more confident throughout your professional journey. We believe anything is possible with the right attitude, determination, hard work and some useful tools and advice from EP Advisory.

EP Advisory TEAM


Elizaveta Proselkova 



UK career development and HR specialist, international educator, public speaker and trainer of career workshops and master-classes in London and across Russia.

Since 2010 Elizaveta has been helping Russian speaking professionals to achieve their career goals in London. The amount of companies looking for Russian speakers in the UK is extraordinary. However, not many specialists know how to search for those jobs, what are UK recruitment standards and where to start. This is how EP Advisory was created - to help more Russian speaking professionals fulfill their professional ambitions in the UK. Elizaveta is also actively involved in working with student societies in the UK and Russia, gives regular lectures and organises events at British and Russian universities aimed at helping students and graduates to kick-start their careers in the UK.

Vika portrait 2.jpg

ViKtoriya Popova 



Ex-recruiter, musician and a travel addict with international business background.

During her studies, Victoria was particularly passionate about intercultural communications and psychology. She gained professional experience working in China, Russia and the UK. While working in the recruitment industry in London for more than 3 years, Victoriya had always far more enjoyed working with professionals, trying to understand their true career motives and professional goals as opposed to just filling the recruitment needs of the companies. Therefore, Victoria believes that working at EP Advisory is a great opportunity to share her knowledge of UK labour market and recruitment industry and concentrate fully on helping specialists in unleashing their professional potential and assisting them in achieving career goals.


Elmira Maksudova


IT recruiter, HR professional with passion in computer science, snowboarding, music and travel.

Having graduated with MA in Psychology, Elmira started her career in Moscow in 2004 as a Tech Recruiter. She has experience of working for some of the largest technology companies and start-ups in Internet/R&D/Digital Media industries. For the past 10 years she has been actively interacting with international IT communities and keeping up-to-date with emerging tech projects and trends in Europe, US and Russia. Having worked for many years in recruitment, Elmira started coaching her clients to help them develop on an international level, achieve career goals and make the right career choices. Elmira believes that working for EP Advisory will enable her to provide in-demand Russian speaking IT and tech professionals with the right tools to find new interesting jobs in the UK.

Katya portrait 2.jpg

Ekaterina Leonova 



Experienced editor with passion for photography, professional translator, journalist and a big fan of all things British.

Ekaterina has a background of working in the UK and Russia. She has worked as a chief-editor, content creator and translator for such companies as London`s Rutage magazine as well as fashion brands Tommy Hilfiger and SonTrava. While working as Chief-Editor at Bestmagazine, Ekaterina managed to create a sustainable, state-of-the-art beauty and fashion department from scratch with flawless digital and print operations and won such clients as LVMH, Сhanel, Clarins, L'Oreal and Estee Lauder. Since then, she has graduated from Westminster University in London and believes that working as a Content Editor at EP Advisory is the best way to continue being connected to the UK and help more people make their dream of working in London a reality.

Lena Odinstova.jpeg

yelena odintsova



A young professional with a great passion for travelling, horse-riding and Irish-dancing.

Pursuing a degree at Higher School of Economics, Yelena has been combing her studies with a number of internships in SMM related fields. She worked for a Kazakh TV channel, International Real Estate firms as well as explored the world of art during her internship in London art galleries. Yelena got acquainted with EP Advisory while doing a year abroad at University College London and has been its social media follower ever since. Yelena was extremely enthusiastic to join the team and with her previous experience, she took on responsibilities for social media marketing.

Lucy Swann.jpeg

lucy swann



Strategic content writer, professional proofreader with a passion for dancing.

After graduating with a degree in Psychology and Education, Lucy turned her hand to marketing and soon after, found a passion for writing content for small businesses. Now, with expertise in academic and professional writing, proofreading. editing and digital content creation, she fills her time with helping businesses and individuals reach their goals. With many close Russian speaking friends, Lucy champions the work EP Advisory does in helping passionate and talented internationals reach their career goals and enjoy all that London has to offer.